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01/03/06 vitaero awarded the Skype Certified logo

We are very pleased to announce that Skype has recognised the benefits, quality and compatibility of our vitaero product by awarding it the Skype Certified logo. The Skype Certified programme is specially created for products that not only work brilliantly with Skype but also look and feel great. The Skype Certified logo demonstrates both Skype’s faith in the product and their partnership with the manufacturer. More...

07/02/06 vitaero teams with XCommunicator5, the market leading 2.0 Bluetooth Headset and Adaptor combination, to offer out-of-the-box Skype compatibility

Milton Keynes, UK, February 7th, 2006 – Funktional Software Ltd announced today their latest partnership with XoVox Communications Ltd, a company dedicated to the development and delivery of high quality speech to text, voice recording and command and control solutions.

Following the world-wide success of the XCommunicator solution, Funktional Software Ltd have now partnered with XoVox to provide a packaged offering which combines the benefits of Bluetooth 2.0 technology for speech recognition and VoIP with the vitaero solution for connecting Bluetooth headsets to the Skype telephony application.

Commenting on the release Chris Ford, Sales Director at XoVox, said “XCommunicator5 has proven itself, through the volume of sales and exceptional user feedback, as one of the best combinations of a high quality Bluetooth headset and 2.0 EDR Bluetooth adaptor for speech recognition and internet telephony applications. The partnership with Funktional Software Ltd allows the XCommunicator package to work effortlessly with Skype. Enabling this integration of technologies is part of the mission of XoVox who pride themselves on taking complex technology and simplifying its connectivity and usage alongside commonly used applications.”
Some of the key benefits of the vitaero software for XCommunicator5 are:
  • Full control of Skype calls with the XCommunicator5 Headset buttons – dial, pick-up and hang-up
  • Preservation of the XCommunicator5 battery life by maintaining a low-power connection between the PC and the headset whilst not on a call - thereby extending usage between charges
  • Automatic configuration and connection of XCommunicator5 with Skype on installation
Kamal Munir, Co-founder and Technical Director of Funktional Software Ltd, said “Our vision for vitaero is to provide seamless out-of-the-box connections between PCs, wireless audio devices and popular applications such as Skype. We have focussed on making the user interface as simple as possible while providing a full-featured intelligent solution that hides the complexities of device configuration, connectivity and control. The partnership with XoVox brings together the skills of two successful and pioneering companies in the VoIP solutions marketplace and confirms our relentless drive towards providing the best quality user experience for our customers.”

The combined offering will be available this week and can be ordered through either of the or websites.

About XoVox Communications Ltd

XoVox Communications Ltd is a private company specialising in the development of enterprise and embedded speech recognition and voice capture software applications and solutions. Its specialist expertise is to take leading edge voice and speech recognition technology and enable its seamless usage in the professional sector by using in house developed contexts and data sets to create solutions for specific markets, e.g. police forces, legal markets, medical markets, finance sectors.

XoVox has committed itself to act as a total speech and data management enabler providing best of breed, market leading solutions through a selected set of specialised partners into the B2B and B2C sectors.

About Funktional Software Ltd

Funktional Software Ltd is a private company specialising in the design and development of innovative software solutions for wireless device connectivity and internet telephony. Now you don’t have to be tied to your PC when making Internet phone calls!

30/01/06 vitaero 1.4 with Toshiba Bluetooth driver support is released

You asked... we delivered... 3 months ahead of schedule! We are pleased to inform you that vitaero 1.4 with support for Toshiba Bluetooth drivers has been released. Download it today and take it for a test drive!

23/01/06 vitaero for Toshiba Bluetooth drivers - coming soon...

vitaero 1.4 with support for Toshiba Bluetooth drivers has finished beta testing and the final product will be released on 30th January. Please return to our website then to download it.

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